What pedal are we pushing, stress or recovery?

Choice is the driver, emotion is the steering wheel, stress is the accelerator pedal and recovery is the break.

What is driving our actions, is it sustained stress or reflective decisions from rest and recovery?

 In the west, we are currently moving towards uncontrollable increases in what’s called chronic non communicable diseases. This means disease that can not be passed from one person to another such as; cancer, heart attacks, obesity and diabetes, where diseases that are passed on from one person to another are called communicable diseases, such as bacterial or viral infection.  

 When looking at non communicable diseases, the underlying causes are; stress, genetics and lifestyle which includes nutrition, mindfulness and exercise. If we focus on stress then we need to understand that the brain responds to stimuli, either in the thoughts we think or the environment we are in. 

 Fear is one of the main drivers of human emotion which will result in a stress response from the brain, to deal with that stress. The two options we have when we are stressed is to either change our attitude to the stress or remove ourselves from the environment which created that stress.

 Fear of death and fear of public speaking are the two greatest causes of fear that we as humans try to avoid. Fear of death can be due to an few things: accidents, negligence/murder, disease or natural causes. Fear of public speaking is underpinned by the fear of public humiliation or failing in-front of our fellow human beings. 

 On one end of the spectrum is fear and the other is satisfaction or joy. Fear drives us away from something that could kill or harm us, whereas satisfaction or joy drives us towards recovery and healing. It is interesting that even the news channels and papers focus on the negative aspects of society or fear of what could go wrong because it sells headlines and grabs our attention. In effect, this focuses our attention on fear which will produce a stress response in the body.

 A simple question to ask ourselves is, are we helping ourselves with the choices we make day in and day out? These choices steer our emotions and depending on the choice, it will either push the break and move us towards recovery and rest, or steer us into stress and therefore a never ending accelerating that makes life feel out of control. To find out where you are currently, just check and see where you put your focus, is it fear based or recovery based? Where our focus goes our energy (attention) flows. When we adjust someone at Human Health it is with intent to shift their nervous systems focus from stress, to rest and recover. We adjust from this perspective because we know that if we help the brain calm down by changing the input to it, the brain will reduce the stress response in the body and in-turn help us make better decisions. This is one the ways Chiropractic is a sustainable and beneficial option for those dealing with highly stressful job or circumstances.

What role does the spine play?

Now, am I right in saying that you may just view your spine like a set of bones acting as a scaffolding around your spinal chord for protection and movement? If so, then please let me reintroduce you to the ‘neuro-spinal organ’ that is the direct gateway to the inborn potential within your brain.

Your spine is essentially an organ and is as important to the brain as any other vital organ within the body. Every second thousands of messages as signals travel to, from and through the 24 moveable bones in your spine within nerves which connect your brain to every tissue in your human body.  This allows for the provision and integrity of movement and function of the various organs and systems within you. Without this constant and high quality conversation between your brain and body, our ability to comprehend ourselves is reduced, our ability to direct our next action and movement is altered and our organs ability to work optimally is decreased. 

Throughout our life as humans we commonly experience alterations in this communication through lifestyle choices and traumas in the form of nutritional/emotional/physical toxicities and/or deficiencies which everyday take us further towards sickness. 

Since you began as a tiny organism of life in the womb you received toxins from your mothers blood to the drugs, pulling, forceps or cesarean section affects of birth deliveries, to the tumbles ,falls and emotional energy it takes to master sitting, standing and walking in our earliest most fragile years of life. No wonder the terrible twos exist! Into our adolescence the ride continues with injuries, falls and growth changes as we go through a hormonal change which has incredible physical and emotional transformations. All of this before stepping into adult hood where of course things really get going with continued bad postures influenced by technology, travel, pregnancy, weight, the ever increasing array of challenges, responsibilities and life choices.  

The most simple and common result of these life stressors to the structure of the human frame throughout life from birth until death are ‘Vertebral Subluxations’ which are dysfunctional/misaligned and restricted spinal segments. Research now shows this creates stressed and unhealthy nerve signals to the brain, changing the brains outward signals back to our body causing altered movement ability (dyskinesia), altered muscle tone (dyspensia) and abnormal organ system changes (dysautonomia). Worst of all, this is happening before or without pain receptors causing any discomfort. 

The primary role of Chiropractic is to analyse, locate and correct these ‘Subluxations’ when necessary to facilitate increased communication between the brain and body so it can express and comprehend itself more fully. 

Scientifically, specific chiropractic adjustments aim to restore proper spinal movement tailored to the individuals age, size, sensitivity and thus comfort. In my experience, i have never seen anything improve and restore human comfort and function then an adjustment which is why I love working with people of all ages from newborn babies to those in their nineties from all walks of life.

I am a human being, a whole human.

Our mind and body are one whole. It’s inseparable - brain without our body is pointless and our body without our brain is useless.

The more we collectively understand about the human body as one whole unit, we realise in our effort to gain knowledge we broke the human body down to smaller parts. Yet, it is in its fullest form, where the uniqueness of the whole human body lies. We are not just a knee or an elbow or a shoulder or a headache or a cavity in a tooth or a blocked artery. 

 What gave Martin Luther King the courage to stand for human civil rights, Gandhi, Mandela the list could go on. As humans as one race on the planet we are valuable, yet that value can’t be broken down in biology books, mathematical equations or held in philosophical texts. Yet so often we live like we need things around us to be happy, when happiness is what comes when we are able to share our experiences and connections with one another. Having a brain and body that doesn’t have any interference in its communication pathways means we can experience and adapt to life so much more effectively then when we are stressed, full of tension and restricted. This in term will make us live like we are separate parts in our body or separate individuals is society.  

 This is why so much of what Human Health stands for is beyond pain and suffering and trying to point to and show that health is and should be expressed as a human right, and not to except that sickness is normal or reduce the human body to a diagnosis or treatment for pain. It might be common to be seen that way but it is not normal. The human genetic potential is there to give us life not sickness. This is why when we wait for pain, tension or excess stress to define our choices we are making choices from the lowest forms of emotion. This puts our nervous system in survival mode. We can either live from rest, recovery and healing or stress, fight or flight. In essence the choice is ours by the way we choose to live. A healthy lifestyle makes space and time for rest and recovery. Chiropractic underpins the principles that allow the body to be healthy. When the body is healthy these choices become easier to make when our body and mind are clear. At Human Health we work hard to ensure our techniques and protocols are world class and backed by the best science, to be able to keep our brains and bodies communicating clearly and at their best, so we can live sustainably, effectively and perform at our best. 



Nature never wastes 

Living naturally is the most sustainable way to live. Nature never wastes as it’s based on laws of physics that are efficient and sustainable. A primary law of nature is the law of thermodynamics. Where energy is not created or destroyed but only transferred. 

A good example of this is ice. Ice can melt to form water which can evaporate to form a gas - hydrogen and oxygen. The ice cube may have disappeared but what made up the ice cube has just changed form. Using this analogy, how we live will either create resistance (stress) against these natural laws of nature expending energy, or work with the laws to conserve energy and therefore utilise this energy in repair and recovery. 

 The human body and brain are designed for movement. Moving naturally; walking, running, swimming, squatting or climbing means we are having to work against the resistance of gravity to move. This is good stress for our muscles, circulation and overall health as well as generating healthy hormones in our brain. Swap this movement for sitting and trying to hold your head up against gravity, looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time which the body and brain are not designed for (bad stress). What do you get as a result - muscle tension and pain, poor circulation and destructive health patterns with no benefit to the brain. 

 This is why when we understand that Chiropractic respects the laws of nature which are underpinned by physics, it comes down to removing conscious and subconscious interference (stress) from the body and brain, so it can perform at its best. Conscious influences are the things we have choice in: what we eat, drink and put on or into our body, how we move, how we think and the environmental we chose to live in which includes, pollution from smoke or electromagnetic radiation. 

What we can’t do consciously is test ourselves and perform a specific chiropractic adjustment to remove interference from our nervous system because it runs subconscious in nature. We are unaware of it until the interference becomes painful. This is where being checked by a Human Health Chiropractor is key, because when your body and brain are checked to detect where there could be interference, it is not our conscious effort that is tested, it is the subconscious feedback pathways and reflexes that are be analysed.

So, when an interference is found, it’s corrected, which help these pathways and reflexes return to their rested and natural state. When this is done consistently by being regularly checked and adjusted as part of a healthy lifestyle, it gives us the best opportunity for our brain and body to be at its best. The way Human Health Chiropractic determines it care is one of the most sustainable forms of healthcare.




Nature never does anything artificially. 

When natural healthcare is the most sustainable approach, then one of the biggest issues of our current sickcare system is that for any ‘outside-in’ approach, there is an artificial input with an associated side effect, because the sick care system has waited till the body has gotten so ill before it intervenes. This is known as a closed system. 

Anything put into a closed system will always have side effects. The amazing part of chiropractic and the protocols and techniques we use at Human Health is that side effects are so minimal if anything because we don’t add to the body we work with it naturally. A system that is interfered with by stress whether physical, biochemical, emotionally or electromagnetically means it will compensate to accommodate that stress for a short period of time (which is an intelligent response), but if the stress is sustained for a long period then compensation can become a habit wired in the brain. This is detrimental to the body as it will keep the body in fight or flight stress mode where healing and recovery are not a priority.

What needs to change to bring the body back to healing and recovery is an internal shift in what’s called the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic (fight or flight), to parasympathetic (rest, digest and recovery). At Human Health the goal is to keep the body and brain at its optimum in order to allow it to adapt appropriately to stress but return naturally to its rest and recover state. Whereas when this is not the case, the brain will build internal habits that keep it in a stressful state or know as sympathetic dominance to continue to deal with the stress. 

When Human Health Chiropractors check and test the brain and body, it’s done to test how well the brain is adapting to inputs to it. Whether the feedback loops or reflexes are appropriate for the inputs tested. When this is not the case, adjustments are given to remove or release areas that effect these reflexes, thus making sure the brain is at its best to adapt to stress. Being regularly checked and adjusted means the system doesn’t build its self around stress and unsustainable habits but can reset back to its resting state, in order to recover and run the body appropriately.

Health always comes from the ‘inside-out’, yes in cases of emergency we might need ‘outside-in’ approaches but if your goal is sustainable natural health then the care at Human Health is for you as it’s a brain body approach that is safe, effective and efficient at allowing the brain to stay healthy and run the body well. When this is connected to a healthy lifestyle it means a great quality of life for everyone that chooses it. 


The power of Chiropractic

While out surfing in Indonesia over Christmas 2017, on an island called Simeuleu I met a lovely family running a couple of businesses. They are doing fantastic things for both the planet and people locally - a truly amazing husband and wife team who are living their dream whilst constantly executing their next steps in developing sustainable and quality business, employment and ecological conservation (put briefly...) 


 They have 2 beautiful children: Ariana and Rumi. During a conversation over dinner, I explained the truth of how Chiropractic care benefits our quality of life through optimising the brain body relationship and how it’s relevant and safe for any age and walk of life. With a travelling friend, Neil, who is also a Chiropractor, we began to assess and adjust Jane and Luke, their family, employees and colleagues. This often happens when Chiropractors travel, usually anywhere from 30 mins-24 hours after you answer the question, "so what do you do for work?". 

 It is honestly always a pleasure, the people I have met, friendships made and most of all, lives changed, is just incredible and something I would like to write a lot more about. Anyway, for now, in young Rumi's case; he had been struggling with a few issues and for a very active boy who was quite/very timid towards me initially. Within 30 seconds of a very gentle Chiropractic adjustment, slowly restoring function and released distortion and tension in his upper spinal cord below the skull, his body completely relaxed, slumped and he fell asleep. The onward effects have been fantastic. Here is Rumi's Mum Jane's insight into his story with Chiropractic. 

 "Rumi had a bit of a tough start to life. He was born in water after quite an intense delivery. He most likely caught an infection during labour. He was exhausted when born and his condition quickly deteriorated. He spent a week in the intensive care unit on antibiotics for a lung infection and possibly meningitis. The doctors weren’t sure he’d make it. 

But Rumi is a trooper and within a week he was breastfeeding and we could take him home. 

Rumi turned 5 last month. Since birth he has always been the child that picked up every illness and struggled to kick it. He tired quickly, and had an intensity and level of frustration about him. An anger that we didn’t know the origin of. 

In hindsight, I think a lot of frustration was from pain from a difficult birth and start to life. After just one adjustment with Tom, Rumi was immediately lighter and brighter and had more energy and less frustration. After two adjustments he was running freely with a scary new amount of energy. 

I think he was living with pain that immediately released. It brings tears to my eyes to think about the change in Rumi, and what that change has meant to our family. More relaxed relationships and a calmer home.  

For the past year, since his first adjustments with Tom, we’ve noticed that Rumi reverts to his pre-adjustment behaviours – anger, lack of concentration, meanness even – every 2-3 months. 

All it takes is a couple of adjustments and our Rumi is back again. Still a 5 year old, but so so different." 

 At Human Health,in Jersey and the Netherlands, we see a lot of babies, young children and teenagers. It always surprises us how we so easily think that little ones don't need looking after because they are 'young', they are 'fine'. This isn't always true; birth, early infant development and learning to crawl, walk etc all bring their own potential traumas physically, emotionally and biochemically. All of which can create stress and tension in the nervous system, which in turn alters the way our brain controls our body, our hormones and many functions. Our philosophy in health is to be proactive and create the health you wish for for yourself and your family, from birth until death. Surprises and injuries can and will always happen through life, but to promote a free and healthy body and nervous system truly is a key essential for a happy and healthy life. The earlier you can start this the better.