How do we know our kids are doing well?

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Their brain development gives us the answers

EAT, SLEEP, POO and GROW, that’s what babies do and they will continue like that until they hit skeletal maturity at 18 years of age as a female and 21 years of age as a male. Our brains reach full maturity around 25 years of age and as adults the only difference is that we EAT, SLEEP, POO and RECOVER. Sometimes in a world where everyone is worried about getting sick we forget that we are designed to be healthy. So what better time to start checking brain developmental milestones than from birth, through their toddler years into childhood and then their teens?

Let’s use an example of Rosie, one of our young clients. At the age of 6, Rosie was really struggling at school with focus, communication, hyperactivity and poor coordination. We asked her mum about her pregnancy and delivery, which showed little complication apart from a fast delivery. Having a fast delivery is not necessarily always good for the baby as there are many brain-body reflexes that are stimulated during the babies passage down the birth canal. When these reflexes are not sufficiently stimulated, this can create imbalance in the body.

In Rosie’s case, at the 8 to 9 month old mark, when we would have expected her to crawl. She never did. (Crawling is a key milestone for developing coordination in the brain - by moving opposite limbs at the same time ‘left arm and right leg, right arm and left leg’).

During her first consultation we found she had active spinal reflexes and her control of simple coordination movement for her age was poor. Now to the amazing part, after Rosie’s first chiropractic adjustment we saw changes in her movement control. By the 3rd adjustment her mum said she was more calm, happy and sleeping better. After her 6th visit, even her gymnastics teacher said something was different as Rosie was now improving incredibly fast in her classes. That’s when her dad came in to say “hi”, as he could see such a change in his daughter, that he wanted to see what we were doing and better understand how it all worked. We explained that by checking developmental milestones alongside neurospinal function we could accurately assess, track and facilitate his daughter’s natural ability to perform and be at her best, through gentle specific chiropractic adjustments. 

 The result; a healthy child, happy parents - both now starting chiropractic care too! 

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