Nature never does anything artificially. 

When natural healthcare is the most sustainable approach, then one of the biggest issues of our current sickcare system is that for any ‘outside-in’ approach, there is an artificial input with an associated side effect, because the sick care system has waited till the body has gotten so ill before it intervenes. This is known as a closed system. 

Anything put into a closed system will always have side effects. The amazing part of chiropractic and the protocols and techniques we use at Human Health is that side effects are so minimal if anything because we don’t add to the body we work with it naturally. A system that is interfered with by stress whether physical, biochemical, emotionally or electromagnetically means it will compensate to accommodate that stress for a short period of time (which is an intelligent response), but if the stress is sustained for a long period then compensation can become a habit wired in the brain. This is detrimental to the body as it will keep the body in fight or flight stress mode where healing and recovery are not a priority.

What needs to change to bring the body back to healing and recovery is an internal shift in what’s called the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic (fight or flight), to parasympathetic (rest, digest and recovery). At Human Health the goal is to keep the body and brain at its optimum in order to allow it to adapt appropriately to stress but return naturally to its rest and recover state. Whereas when this is not the case, the brain will build internal habits that keep it in a stressful state or know as sympathetic dominance to continue to deal with the stress. 

When Human Health Chiropractors check and test the brain and body, it’s done to test how well the brain is adapting to inputs to it. Whether the feedback loops or reflexes are appropriate for the inputs tested. When this is not the case, adjustments are given to remove or release areas that effect these reflexes, thus making sure the brain is at its best to adapt to stress. Being regularly checked and adjusted means the system doesn’t build its self around stress and unsustainable habits but can reset back to its resting state, in order to recover and run the body appropriately.

Health always comes from the ‘inside-out’, yes in cases of emergency we might need ‘outside-in’ approaches but if your goal is sustainable natural health then the care at Human Health is for you as it’s a brain body approach that is safe, effective and efficient at allowing the brain to stay healthy and run the body well. When this is connected to a healthy lifestyle it means a great quality of life for everyone that chooses it. 


The power of Chiropractic

While out surfing in Indonesia over Christmas 2017, on an island called Simeuleu I met a lovely family running a couple of businesses. They are doing fantastic things for both the planet and people locally - a truly amazing husband and wife team who are living their dream whilst constantly executing their next steps in developing sustainable and quality business, employment and ecological conservation (put briefly...) 


 They have 2 beautiful children: Ariana and Rumi. During a conversation over dinner, I explained the truth of how Chiropractic care benefits our quality of life through optimising the brain body relationship and how it’s relevant and safe for any age and walk of life. With a travelling friend, Neil, who is also a Chiropractor, we began to assess and adjust Jane and Luke, their family, employees and colleagues. This often happens when Chiropractors travel, usually anywhere from 30 mins-24 hours after you answer the question, "so what do you do for work?". 

 It is honestly always a pleasure, the people I have met, friendships made and most of all, lives changed, is just incredible and something I would like to write a lot more about. Anyway, for now, in young Rumi's case; he had been struggling with a few issues and for a very active boy who was quite/very timid towards me initially. Within 30 seconds of a very gentle Chiropractic adjustment, slowly restoring function and released distortion and tension in his upper spinal cord below the skull, his body completely relaxed, slumped and he fell asleep. The onward effects have been fantastic. Here is Rumi's Mum Jane's insight into his story with Chiropractic. 

 "Rumi had a bit of a tough start to life. He was born in water after quite an intense delivery. He most likely caught an infection during labour. He was exhausted when born and his condition quickly deteriorated. He spent a week in the intensive care unit on antibiotics for a lung infection and possibly meningitis. The doctors weren’t sure he’d make it. 

But Rumi is a trooper and within a week he was breastfeeding and we could take him home. 

Rumi turned 5 last month. Since birth he has always been the child that picked up every illness and struggled to kick it. He tired quickly, and had an intensity and level of frustration about him. An anger that we didn’t know the origin of. 

In hindsight, I think a lot of frustration was from pain from a difficult birth and start to life. After just one adjustment with Tom, Rumi was immediately lighter and brighter and had more energy and less frustration. After two adjustments he was running freely with a scary new amount of energy. 

I think he was living with pain that immediately released. It brings tears to my eyes to think about the change in Rumi, and what that change has meant to our family. More relaxed relationships and a calmer home.  

For the past year, since his first adjustments with Tom, we’ve noticed that Rumi reverts to his pre-adjustment behaviours – anger, lack of concentration, meanness even – every 2-3 months. 

All it takes is a couple of adjustments and our Rumi is back again. Still a 5 year old, but so so different." 

 At Human Health,in Jersey and the Netherlands, we see a lot of babies, young children and teenagers. It always surprises us how we so easily think that little ones don't need looking after because they are 'young', they are 'fine'. This isn't always true; birth, early infant development and learning to crawl, walk etc all bring their own potential traumas physically, emotionally and biochemically. All of which can create stress and tension in the nervous system, which in turn alters the way our brain controls our body, our hormones and many functions. Our philosophy in health is to be proactive and create the health you wish for for yourself and your family, from birth until death. Surprises and injuries can and will always happen through life, but to promote a free and healthy body and nervous system truly is a key essential for a happy and healthy life. The earlier you can start this the better. 



How did chiropractic care really change my life?

Being a young male and like most 20 somethings I am chasing the dream of wanting to achieve all I can. I used to work in the finance sector, working long hours and in all honesty I hated every day of it. I had constant exposure to technology and social media, sat at a desk for 8 hours a day and admit that I consumed a lot of sugar and alcohol for release. That mixed altogether left me feeling drained and foggy and not much use to anyone. It left me wondering if this was the vicious cycle that my body would have to endure for the rest of my working life. I made this dire discovery at the age of 21.

matt blog 3.jpg

About 3 years ago I was lucky enough to meet my first Chiropractor and now close friend. I had no idea what they did or if I even needed to see one. I decided to trust my instinct and booked to have my first ever consultation. The feeling I had almost instantly after I was adjusted felt like an out of body experience. –  I suddenly felt like I was being reset or switched back on. This sounded crazy to a lot of my friends and family but to me this was the start of my journey with chiropractic care being a huge part of my health. Unfortunately having to go back to my old habits and a stressful work situation of course meant the natural calming effect from being adjusted by a chiropractor soon faded after a day or so.

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Over the course of the next year I invested a sum of money into having regular chiropractic care. This meant that when I was having an off day and I felt stressed and disconnected I would get an adjustment. If I had been training hard in the gym but not sleeping well I would get an adjustment. I soon realised that although I didn’t experience any illness or pain which people believe is the main reason why you should see a chiropractor, I was becoming a healthier version of me and noticed changes in my overall wellbeing.

I began to feel less stressed when I was working. Headaches and the brain fog I would experience seemed to fade away over time. It was as if my body was improving and information was travelling quicker and smarter to where it needed to go to.

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This is my message for the younger generation working and living stressful lives. If you have no physical symptoms it is by far the best time to go and see a chiropractor. There are a huge range of benefits to go and see one and investing in your health now will save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Since my first adjustment a few years back I have gone on to make huge changes to my life that included leaving my old job in finance and have since created a beautiful career in Chiropractic and watched how it is helping many people of all ages heal and live a high quality of life on a daily basis.