A healthcare profession concerned with the reconnection and restoration of optimal human function and general health as coordinated by the nervous system in response to its internal and external environment.


Human Health Chiropractic adjustments restore structural and functional integrity back to the body and brain.


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Why do we need it

Life isnʼt easy. From the birth process until the day we breath our last breath, we experience knocks, bumps and other stressors.

Stressors in the form of thoughts, traumas and toxins can seriously effect our quality and experience of life. Human Health Chiropractic is about removing the effects these stressors have on our bodies. The human body is amazing. It has the ability to self-heal, self-organise and self-regulate to appropriately respond and adapt to its internal/external environment, always moving towards optimal human health. Chiropractic is about helping sick people get well and those that are well be at their best.

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How does it work

In a unique, professional and comfortable setting we facilitate an opportunity for you to understand and catalyse your potential to experience more from your body, mind and life.

With a timeless philosophy, evidence based science and constantly developing art, we personally assess, guide and tailor Chiropractic care to your body to allow it to heal and perform the way it was designed to.


The bigger picture

Health is the bodyʼs constant innate drive to meet and match the demands of its internal and external environment.

The body has an amazing inborn recuperative power that allows this drive to continually keep us alive and kicking. An example of the bodies recuperative power is that of a broken bone being re-knit, not because it has a cast surrounding it but because of the innate design that always moves to regenerate it. Like every process, healing takes time and is a dynamic process requiring the right parameters such as a nervous system without interference, sleep and nutrition, just to name a few. Chiropractic works by removing interference from the body and reconnecting it back to its incredible potential to heal and perform. Chiropractic is built on the understanding of the natural laws of physics and the power of nature.